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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Briggs and Stratton 142302 502064 Serial 264482

1949 Lawn Queen Mower that runs and mows.

Lawn Boy Buttercup that I picked up. I sold it to a local collector. I hope he refurbishes it.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Post - The Seventh - Another new gadget

This is a "Shaft Type Seal Puller"
I picked it up at CarQuest here in town.
It is manufactured by Lisle and is model "STL 58430". 
It cost just shy of $20

To see it in use, check out the video

Friday, January 4, 2013

Post - the Sixth - a clamp to stop the flow!

Most of my engine work requires the removal of the carburetor. Unfortunately, most of the fuel lines have no shutoff valve so a lot of gasoline gets spilled. I finally took the time to fix that problem. I hope my new tool will do the job.
I picked this up at CarQuest for less than $10. It is simply labeled a "Hose Pincher".

CarQuest  model STL23000
Package says that it "Clamps and holds hoses up to 3/4""

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Post - The Fifth - Workshop

This is my current shop setup. It was a one car attached garage. As I tell my wife, "We don't have a garage, we have a workshop with a big door on one end."

Unfortunately, this space is not heated or insulated. It is just too cold to use in the winter months. I have a full basement with an inexpensive pool table. That pool table gets covered in multiple layers of protection and then it acts as my winter time workbench. I DO NOT start any of the engines in the basement. If I have to start an engine, I will suffer the cold long enough in the workshop for that purpose.

The center workbench actually started out as an out-feed table for the table saw. I like to do some woodworking from time to time. Since the small engine repair stuff began, it's been difficult to find the time for anything else in the shop.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post - the Fourth - Small Engine Repair Manuals

Here is a collection of small engine repair manuals that I have. 
As I do more and more engine work, I refer to these manuals less and less regarding disassembly and reassembly work.
However, these books contain very important information about engine specs like clearances and torque specs.
Carburetor work, carburetor linkage and governor settings are always important and I rely on these books for that information as well.

I also have a lot of PDF files from the internet regarding small engine repair. Most of my Tecumseh engine information is in the form of a PDF file.

I have also included a picture of my Ariens ST724 book. This is service information that I got from the internet. I then printed the information and made my own three ring binder SERVICE MANUAL - complete with a picture of MY snow thrower on the cover.

Briggs and Stratton
Part #270962-1/92

Briggs and Stratton
Part #276781-4/02 

Briggs and Stratton
Part #272147-11/93 

Briggs and Stratton
Part #272147-2/08

These two Vanguard engine books are the same part # but the second book is more current and includes newer Vanguard engines. 

This is an older book that somebody gave to me.

Below I have included a link to a good source of Tecumseh operators manuals.

A Google search for Tecumseh engine repair often returns links to PDF files that can be saved to your computer. I have a number of those PDF files but cannot possibly remember where each of those files came from. Some websites charge money for those PDF files but I think it's worth searching around for the free downloads.