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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Post - The Fifth - Workshop

This is my current shop setup. It was a one car attached garage. As I tell my wife, "We don't have a garage, we have a workshop with a big door on one end."

Unfortunately, this space is not heated or insulated. It is just too cold to use in the winter months. I have a full basement with an inexpensive pool table. That pool table gets covered in multiple layers of protection and then it acts as my winter time workbench. I DO NOT start any of the engines in the basement. If I have to start an engine, I will suffer the cold long enough in the workshop for that purpose.

The center workbench actually started out as an out-feed table for the table saw. I like to do some woodworking from time to time. Since the small engine repair stuff began, it's been difficult to find the time for anything else in the shop.