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Friday, January 4, 2013

Post - the Sixth - a clamp to stop the flow!

Most of my engine work requires the removal of the carburetor. Unfortunately, most of the fuel lines have no shutoff valve so a lot of gasoline gets spilled. I finally took the time to fix that problem. I hope my new tool will do the job.
I picked this up at CarQuest for less than $10. It is simply labeled a "Hose Pincher".

CarQuest  model STL23000
Package says that it "Clamps and holds hoses up to 3/4""

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  1. Hello
    Enjoy your informative and concise videos. Helped me a lot. However I have a problem in that I have one part left out of the reassembly. Can I send you a pic? I removed more of the MTD 2 stage snow thrower parts than I had to!