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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Post - The Seventh - Another new gadget

This is a "Shaft Type Seal Puller"
I picked it up at CarQuest here in town.
It is manufactured by Lisle and is model "STL 58430". 
It cost just shy of $20

To see it in use, check out the video


  1. Hi!

    Can I ask you a question concerning my Tecumseh HM80? (Ariens ST824 from around the year 1980) It seems you know a thing or two about them. ;)

    I cant get fuel to the carb when I'm priming. It's like is only comes air... what do you think this is? As you can imagine, I can't start it..

    Hope you can help me out. :)

    Btw, great blog and youtube vids!! :D

    1. This could be a number of things. Is the fuel line in good shape and attached properly? Is the primer tube in good shape and attached properly? Has the carb been cleaned or maintained? Is the fuel valve in the open position (if there is a valve)? Is there gasoline in the tank ? :) Most times, I find that these are carb issues. Removing and cleaning or rebuilding the carb is easy enough to do.
      I hope you find the problem. Thanks for watching.

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