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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Post - The Second - Tools for small engine repair

One of the many questions that I had when I started working with small engines was: "What kind of tools do I need?"

Some of the repair manuals that I obtained had some of the answers but some of that data was also outdated. I hope to help others with that question in this blog.

Here are some pictures of the various tools that I picked up along the way. This is in addition to basic wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers and pliers that all mechanical people should already have in the tool box.

 Allen/Hex Wrenches
(Metric and SAE)

Battery Charger 
(this one is a Craftsman / Sears)

Bolt Puller Set that I have not yet used
(inexpensive from Harbor Freight) 

Custom made Carb Jet Tool
(it's a ground down screwdriver) 

Punch and Cold chisel set
(inexpensive from Harbor Freight) 

Engine Stand for Vertical shaft engines
(2X6 scrap) 

Flywheel Knockoff Tool
(available at most hardware stores) 

Briggs and Stratton Flywheel Puller

Briggs and Stratton Flywheel Holder
(Used often)

Old style flywheel holder
(Works better than the newer ones, in my opinion)

Feeler Gauge Set
High Priority

Gasket Scraper
(used often - swiped it from my Dad's toolbox) 

Gear Puller
(worth every penny) 

Various Hammers
High Priority

HeliCoil Set - for repairing stripped threads
(this one is for 1/4-20 Threads)

Hook and Pick set
(good for carb work) 

Impact Screwdriver
(inexpensive from Harbor Freight)

Knipex Wire Cutter
(expensive but worth it)

Knipex Cobra Pliers Set

Magnetic Parts Tray 

Ring Compression Tools
High Priority for engine overhauls or ring jobs

Parts washer
(inexpensive from Harbor Freight) 

 NES Thread repair tool
(very expensive toy - not a necessity)
Micro Ruler

Piston Ring Tool 
High Priority for engine overhauls or ring jobs

Propane Torch Kit 

Spark Plug Gap Tool 
High Priority

Spark Tester
(not necessary but good to have) 

Tap and Die Set

 Briggs and Stratton Starter Clutch Tool

Split Ring Pliers 

Strap Wrench

Telescoping Gauge Set 

Torque Wrench
High Priority

 Treysit Sirometer (Tachometer)
(to check engine RPM)

Valve Lapping Tool and compound
High Priority

Small Wire Brushes 

Large Wire Brush 

Valve Spring Compression Tool 

Briggs and Stratton #19347
Valve removal tool

 Cylinder Leak Down Tester
(This one is an OTC 5609)

Compression Tester
(This one is an OTC 5605)


  1. That is a great review. The tools are really very much useful to repair small engine

  2. In the above there all kind of small engine tools.All this are can be used besides
    Briggs & Stratton Parts
    .We can select them which we want to use and according to our need.

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